The Flash Season 3 Spoilers, Predictions and Release Date: Powerless Barry and the Flashpoint Paradox; Jesse Quick as the new speedster

The Flash Season 3 is expected to bring lots of makeovers and excitements in the popular CW TV series. There are reports saying that Season 3 may introduce the Flashpoint Paradox that is based on the comic books.

Violette Beane revealed on TV Line.com that her character Jesse will be back in The Flash Season 3. However, she has not given any details regarding how will her character spice up the show.

“I know I’ll be back. But I don’t know if it’s with or without powers,” she revealed.

“When Jesse got hit, I was like ‘It’s happening! It’s happening!’ There was the spark when she got out of the coma, but… it didn’t happen, and I was like, ‘No!’ I’m very excited [to play a speedster], and would love for it to happen early next season. … With the whole Flashpoint, anything can happen, right? It’s literally open to any different kind of false reality. She could be Earth-One Jesse, she could be a speedster… Who knows!” Beane said.

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Recalling in The Flash Season 2, Jesse was hit by a lightning from the particle accelerator when Team Flash was trying to give Barry’s powers back. There are speculations that her character will be introducing Jesse Quick.

The finale of The Flash Season 2 gave hints on what will happen in the next season. Barry Allen travelled back in time in order to save his mother, Nora Allen, from being killed by Reverse Flash. Recalling in the Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox, Barry went home to surprise his mother with a birthday gift only to see her lying on the floor and covered with blood.

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If The Flash Season 3 will be following the Flashpoint Paradox, there is a higher possibility that Barry Allen will end up losing his powers. This could lead for a new speedster to come along which could possibly be Jesse.

The Flash Season 3 will premiere on Tuesday, October 4, 2016, on The CW.

Photo courtesy: @violettebeane/Instagram

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