Floyd Mayweather thanks Holly Holm for “kind words”

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Holly Holm

Current UFC women’s bantamweight champion Holly Holm seems to have won everybody’s heart with her kind attitude and polite gestures.

The latest person to accept this is Floyd Mayweather.

Speaking in an interview with Fight Hype after watching Canelo Alvarez beat Miguel Cotto, Holm said: ‘It was awesome [meeting Mayweather].”

“Just to be able to meet one of the greatest, I mean, the greatest of all time, you know? He’s the only one that’s ever been able to do it undefeated.”

Holm also met Bernard Hopkins and Oscar De La Hoya at the match and happily posed for pictures with them. Wearing a black dress with silver embellishments she looked different from her boxing clothes but stunning nevertheless.


Holm (centre) poses with Bernard Hopkins (left) and Oscar De La Hoya (right) at Canelo Alvarez vs Miguel Cotto

Delighted at her comments, Mayweather quickly posted an article on his Instagram account and wrote: “’I want to thank @_hollyholm for the kind words. Congrats on your success,’ Money wrote.

“Please follow @_hollyholm and read the article I just posted on my Twitter and Facebook.”

The duo also met and watched an NBA game in Los Angeles last week.


Floyd Mayweather (right) watched an NBA game in Los Angeles with Holly Holm (second from left)

The new friendship between Holm-Mayweather is contrary to what her predecessor Ronda Rousey shared with Mayweather.

Ronda Rousey made no secret of her dislike for ‘Money’ during her long run at the top of women’s MMA; trading insults at him every now and then.

However, Mayweather has seemingly tried to end his spat with Rousey after her perfect 12-0 MMA record was ended in Melbourne by Holm.

The former five-division world champion not only backed Rousey to return, but even said that he would be willing to help the 28-year-old movie star improve her boxing skills.

Holm who upset the crowd favorite Rousey at UFC 193 in Melbourne earlier this month has taken the combat sports world by storm over the last two weeks thanks to her attitude.

She became the first UFC star to appear on the Late Night with Seth Meyers show on Monday night.

Calling Ronda a competitive person, Holm said that “she (Ronda) will be coming hard.”

Speaking at the interview, Holm also told Meyers that she would welcome a rematch against Ronda.


Holly Holm at Late Night with Seth Meyers on Monday night


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