Fox TV renews ‘Lucifer’ for Season 2 release, date still pending

Tom Ellis and other casts will make a return for Season 2 of their TV series “Lucifer.”

Fox TV has officially renewed its newest series “Lucifer” for a Season 2 release but the broadcasting television network has not yet announce its release date to keep the excitement of fans rising.

Premier date reported that the new series is gaining popularity with a whopping 10.5 million views from different media platforms and its premier posted 7.16 million viewers with a seven percent audience share and is continuously increasing that FOX officials decided to give it another season.

“Lucifer,” features Tom Ellis as “Lucifer Morningstar,” who becomes extremely bored in hell, then resigns from his responsibilities and decides to move to the City of Angeles. He then takes upon himself to join the LAPD and helps “Chloe Decked,” played by Lauren German, who is a homicide detective and Lucifer’s supposed colleague and love interest.

Decked later on realizes that Lucifer has the ability to see through to a person’s motives and desires that he can make the criminals confess. However, it’s not always a happy ending for the two as Lucifer’s brother, “Amenadiel,” played by D. B. Woodside, who arrives in Los Angeles and tries to convince Lucifer to return to Hell, saying the latter’s new life is upsetting Earth’s balance. He and Lucifer despise each other.

Unlikely of a superhero, Lucifer also has a sidekick in the person on “Mazikeen,” played by Lesley-Ann Brandt, who at first was not a fan of the way things played out for Lucifer, but ended up helping his boss aside from bartending Lucifer’s bar. Her character is depicted as a war leader of the Lilin, a race descended from Lilith.

For Season 2, Ellis and German are reported to return to reprise their respective characters with the Prince of Darkness feeling human and helping out in crime solving while getting in love in the process.

The ratings have said it all and FOX is very eager to bring back the series with more story twists and visual effects that will surely draw more viewers and look at Lucifer in a different perspective.

Photo Courtesy: Red Carpet Report on Mingle Media TV/Wikimedia

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