‘Freakish’ is the new ‘Walking Dead’ must-watch teen drama

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‘Freakish’ is the new hit teen drama series on Hulu which just had its premiere. The show is already touted as the teen version of ‘Walking Dead’ but with a hint of ‘The Breakfast Club.’

The story starts with the students confined in a Saturday detention at school. Then, the bell rings but before the students can even get out of the school, an explosion from the nearby chemical factory occurred. The students, all 20 of them, and a coach had to hide in the school’s fallout shelter where they hid to shield themselves from the explosion. When they finally climbed out to the surface, they soon find out that the town was almost wiped out by the explosion. The only people left are them and a number of the undead.

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The show cast new actors and actresses who have been YouTube and Vine sensations. So those who want to know more about them might be disappointed to learn that there isn’t a lot about them on their IMDB resumes. However, there are a lot of materials about them on Youtube and Vine.

For example, Liza Koshy who plays Violet Adams, Melvin Gregg as LeShawn Deveraux, and Meghan Rienks who plays Zoe Parker in the show are all YouTube sensations. Meanwhile, Hayes Grier who plays Noodles Nelson is a popular Viner. The only traditional actor who can be considered in the show is Leo Howard who plays Grover Jones. However, he is more of an action man as he often plays displaying his martial arts prowess. To complete the cast is veteran actor Chad L. Coleman whose work includes ‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘The Expanse.’

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Freakish” is a show being touted as the teen ‘Walking Dead,’ fans should expect to see a lot more hungry zombies around. But it will be interesting to see how these teenagers will deal with the ‘infected’ or the ‘freaks.’ Will they resort to their darker self like Morgan in ‘the Walking Dead,’ or will it just be a fun action-filled teen series?

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