Full-length Doctor Strange trailer has fans minds bending from awesomeness

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Full-length Doctor Strange Trailer has fans minds bending

Marvel Studios was not short on news and reveals during the recent Comic Con 2016, showcasing upcoming movies and series for the remainder of the year and 2017. This included showing previews of the Iron Fist and Luke Cage Netflix Series, the Legion TV show, the third Thor Movie- Thor: Ragnarok- and the new, awesome and magical full-length Doctor Strange trailer, which definitely stood out among all those gems (no pun intended).

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Long-time comic book fans are definitely no stranger to Doctor Strange. He is one of the long-running characters in the Marvel Universe, first appearing in 1963 in an issue of Strange Tales- an on again, off again anthology series, which also introduced the now famous, Nick Fury. Dr. Stephen Vincent Strange, was originally a neurosurgeon who destroys his hands in a car accident. He finds the Ancient One in his quest to repair his body, but discovers something else in their encounter that turns him into a superhero.

Based on the full-length Doctor Strange trailer, it does seem like Marvel Studios was able to stay true to the comic-book. Brilliantly casting Benedict Cumberbatch as the titular character, the role just comes naturally, making fans believers of Doctor Strange more and more.

However, it is not just Cumberbatch who takes his acting chops to another dimension.

Also in the trailer was the Ancient One, played by Tilda Swinton, who has also appeared in another comic-book adaptation- Constantine. With her androgynous, yet slightly feminine features, she provides an intriguing take on the “Sorcerer Supreme”, who is depicted as a male character in the comics. Briefly joining her was Rachel McAdams, who still has an unclear role in the movie.

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The full-length Doctor Strange trailer also gives a preview of all the reality and time bending magic that fans can expect to see, but keep the excitement level to a minimum for now as the movie will not hit theaters until November 4.

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