Game of Thrones becomes reality TV with Tormund Giantsbane

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When it comes to Game of Thrones, the first names that come to mind are Daenerys, Cersei, or Jon Snow. No one thinks about Tormund Giantsbane (Kristofer Hivju). Recently, he was in the news for some sort of a reality TV show.

Tormund, the Mighty

All avid Game of Thrones fans know who he is. Tormund Giantsbane is the fearsome and mighty leader of the Wildlings. His trademark is the red, long, bushy beard that matches his red hair. He leads the Wildlings, the Free Folk who live beyond the wall. They are feared warriors who will kill anyone who gets in their way.

He became friends with his enemy, Jon Snow (Kit Harrington), and forged an uneasy alliance with him.There are rumors that Jon Snow is actually Aegon Targaryen.

Hivju is No Tormund

Tormund, or rather Hivju, has been in the tabloids as of late. The story centered around the one-hour fight he had with his wife, Gry Molvaer. There were photos that documented it making it look like a reality TV show. The argument happened in front of a BCBG store in Los Angeles. No one knew what the reason for the argument was but it was pretty intense.

The photos showed the intense frustration of the couple as they try to make a point. At one point, Hivju planted his hands on his waist and glared pointedly at his wife. Then, he raised his hands in frustration looking very angry. Despite this, his wife did not back down and had some moments herself. She looked at Hivju squarely not caring about his show of frustration. Those who witnessed it said that it lasted almost an hour.

The “show” ended with Molvaer walking away from her husband. As if she’s trying to convince him again, she looked back angrily with hands on waist. Hopefully, the pair was able to resolve it.

Hivju and Molvaer got married last year. In fact, he even posted a photo of them kissing in the middle of the street on his Instagram. He captioned it with “I love you! I adore you.”


Photo Courtesy: Gabs Silva/Flickr

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