Game of Thrones Season 6 second official trailer released, the ‘dead are coming’ on April 24

The second official trailer of Season 6 of the Game of Thrones comes as an epic than the first.

HBO has released the second official trailer for the much anticipated Season 6 of the hot television series Game of Thrones which will start airing on April 24.

The second trailer of the American fantasy-drama series is much more of epic than the first and fans around the globe will surely glue themselves to the television when the season opens later this month.

Surely, fans are expecting winter is coming but with the trailer it is most likely that the dead are coming to claim the land of the living as the White Walkers are getting more powerful in number and the seat of throne in the capitol is at stake.

The trailer gives more of a sneak peek that among the characters only Davos is paying attention to that army of White Walkers coming to destroy the world. It also shows Dany in what looks like captivity or slavery in the new Khalasar, while Jorah has contracted Greyscal and Tyrion is in a precarious position, as always. The trailer also depicts Arya given a second chance as Cersei is back in her son’s good graces. Other scenes reveals Margaery is not looking good.

Video Courtesy: Game of Thrones/Youtube

The trailer also shows the dead body of the beloved John Snow, but spoilers revealed that he won’t be dead long, according to rumors. But to get to know the truth about this, Game of Thrones season six premiers on April 24 and hopefully the dead don’t come to take all of the fans’ favorite characters away because when they “come hunting…you think it matters who sits on the Iron Throne?”

Photo Courtesy: Philip Wilson/Flickr

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