Game of Thrones Spoilers, NBA Finals Game 7 Predictions: Stephen Curry, Jon Snow come out unscathed after ‘Super Sunday’

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Spoilers ahead; especially if you don’t want to know how Stephen Curry will beat the s**t out of LeBron James in Game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals. Or if you don’t want to know how Jon Snow, former Lord Commander, will do the same to the Lord Bolton, a bastard himself in the next episode of Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 9 carries the title “Battle of the Bastards”, which is a dead giveaway of the upcoming titantic battle between the two most popular bastards in the world in Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton.

Who will come out unscathed is now the big question; will Jon Snow win the North and reclaim it for the Starks? Or will Ramsay continue his reign as the most hated character in the most popular TV series in history?

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To predict (and spoil) the ninth episode of the Game of Thrones series, which is historically the best episode in the season basing on past GOT’s installments, we’ll use our NBA-colored glasses and pit Snow vs. Snow through the eyes of the NBA Finals superstars: LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers and Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors.

First things first, let’s assign each Snow to each NBA player, basing on how they shared some the struggles/challenges with their GOT counterparts.

Ramsay Bolton is easily LeBron James. Both have many “haters” despite their capability on the battle field and in plotting their evil ways to get what they want. (Remember how LeBron left the Miami Heat out in the cold?)

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Like Ramsay, LeBron is desperate to please his home state (Cleveland) and give them what they want; an NBA championship (This was Ramsay pleasing his father, Roose Bolton, whom he killed anyway.)

Like LeBron, Ramsay is as desperate, cutting the genitals of his rivals and killing babies (for LeBron, this is the weak Eastern Conference in the 2016 NBA Playoffs) because they can’t fight back.

Jon Snow can easily be Stephen Curry too; underestimated many times because he was a bastard but stepped up to become the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch. Like Curry, who was overlooked in his rookie draft but became a rare back-to-back NBA Most Valuable Player in the last two seasons.

And earlier this season, Jon Snow was resurrected back to life by Melisandre; much like how Klay Thompson resurrected the Warriors’ chances (and Steph Curry) of an NBA title after leading the team to come back from a 3-1 series deficit against the Oklahoma City Thunder in the West Finals.

Will the “good guys” Jon Snow (Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors) win over the “evil” Ramsay Bolton (LeBron James, Cleveland Cavaliers)?

NBA Finals Game 7 begins on “Super Sunday” at 8PM Eastern Time in the United States, one hour before Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 9 at 9PM. A one-hour buffer to give NBA/GOT fans the clue that Jon Snow will be winning over Ramsay Bolton in the “Battle of the Bastards”.

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