Gary quits Running Man to focus on music career

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Gary quits Running Man
Gary quits Running Man

Running Man is probably one of the top five Korean variety shows thanks largely to a good mix of popular cast and humorous tone. Unfortunately, all that will change soon with one of the show’s original seven members, Gary, confirming his departure from the series.

According to media reports, Gary had already informed producers of Running Man earlier this year that he was planning on leaving the show, but they still tried to convince him to change his mind and stay. Obviously, all their efforts were met with dismay, with Gary’s decision and announcement to leave Running Man.

“I want to spend more time on music, and I want to study it more,” shared the Korean star.

With Gary’s departure, he will also be leaving behind the other half of the Monday couple Song Ji-hyo, who has been his partner in the show.

Producers of the show were not short on words (and Tweets) sharing the announcement of Gary’s departure and offering thanks to the Running Man mainstay.

“We sincerely thank Gary for putting everything into the show for six years, as one of the original members of Running Man,” shared the show’s producers. “Gary wishes to focus on his career as a musician, and we wish him the best.”

Some of the Tweets shared can also be seen below.

Gary to focus on music

In terms of his musical career, Gary has seen much success as a hip-hop artist, being part of one of the most popular duos in Korea with Gil. Together, they have produced 8 albums, with three of them breaking local records in sales.

He has also worked on a solo album called Mr. Gae which took the number one spot on 8 real-time music spots, despite being banned from broadcast for its explicit lyrics.

Gary’s last recording for Running Man will be on October 31, 2016, seven years after his debut on the show.

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