Ghostbusters 2016 theme song by Fall Out Boy & Missy Elliot considered as worst nightmare?

Ghostbusters 2016 theme song
Ghostbusters 2016 theme song performed by Fall Out Boy and Missy Elliot immediately suffered from harsh rants, comment, criticisms from the audience.

The theme song for Ghostbusters 2016 was revealed as Fall Out Boy and Missy Elliot performed the newly revived classic theme song.

Entitled “I’m not afraid,” Fall Out Boy and Missy Elliot did a good job in reviving the iconic Ghostbusters theme song from the 80s. The new rendition did fit well to the modern yet classic Ghostbusters 2016 movie.

Obviously, the song itself is taken from Ray Parker’s original song from the 1986 film. From the way it sounded, anyone could figure that the song is from the original Ghostbusters  movie as some parts of the original song remains.

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The original rendition of the song is not completely written off unlike some other revived songs. Fall Out Boy and Missy Elliot added parts in respect to their musical genre such as the punk rock and rap combined.

However, many of the fans didn’t like how it sounded compared to Ray Parker Jr.’s iconic theme song. According to Consequence of Sound, the song is “tragically defaced by shitty pop-punk.”

The source mentioned that the new Ghostbusters 2016 theme song seemed equal to a high school science project. News added that the song doesn’t qualify as music.

Right after the new track release, “I’m not afraid” as a new theme song received harsh comments and rants. The trailer was not even exempted from criticisms.

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In fact, based from the report, the new song is considered one of the most controversial movies theme song. “What is this a melodic nightmare fuel? The song keeps repeatedly telling me that it’s not afraid, but now I’m scared,” one of the initial reviews cited.

“In fact, that single phrase is a perfect example of the problem.It’s trying way too hard,” the review added.

Try to listen the new song below and let us hear your judgments.

Listen to the new Ghostbusters 2016 theme song here!

Photo courtesy: Facebook.com/Ghostbusters

Video courtesy: Youtube.com/OverCastKids Mexicoll

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