Gintama live-action film launches in 2018? Actor’s name revealed

Gintama live-action movie
Gintama live-action film launches in 2018 amid rumors it won’t be possible. Lately, the name Oguri Shun, who played Lupin III, to play as Gintama appears.

Gintama live-action film is possible in 2018 according to the recently published popular manga “Weekly Shonen Jump” in Japan. This news should be taken with a grain of salt for many Gintama fans. However, it seems Gintama live-action film will have a higher chance of release this time.

Based from the usual “conjunction technique” of Japan’s film industry, wherein a popular manga turns to an international movie release, it is likely possible.

Gintama is a popular anime known worldwide since its 2004 release. It was adapted from Hideaki Sorachi’s original “Gintama.” Immediately after its release, the comics itself topped the total circulation of 50 million parts with approximately 64 volumes from the past 16 years.

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Aside from that, it became a theater version anime twice in the past and was once an animated television series. Another Japanese anime, “Naruto,” had the same sequence like Gintama.

Otapol mentions that when Naruto ended, “Boruto” came right after and almost at the same time when the story progressed from live-action film to animation. This refers to the “assassination classroom” Shonen Jump side story and others.

The same thing happened with Rurouni Kenshin (Takeru Satoh) which was also a big hit in 2012. In fact, the entire production premiered in the Philippines because of it’s massive fanbase.

The anime’s fate is the same with its manga counterpart after 12 years since it was published. It becomes a live-action jump work.

For Gintama, the possibility of having it in a live-action film like “Boruto” and “Rurouni Kenshin” is high. The two are both internationally renowned animes as well.

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What is more interesting is that the name of the real live-action Gintama actor pops out in the news. The same source cites Oguri Shun and notes that he will star in the Gintama live-action movie in 2018.

Based from the source, Oguri is best fit for the role because of his extremely surprising performance in the “Lupin III” live-action film in 2014. Oguri also played one of the students in Great Teacher Onizuka in 1998.

Photo courtesy: Facebook.com/GINTAMA

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