Gotham Season 3 News, Spoilers and Updates: The emergence of the Court of Owls; The Joker’s return

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Photo Courtesy: Steve Czajka/Flickr

When Gotham season three returns with a six-month time jump, much will have changed by then. The third season will show a city descending even farther into chaos and madness, revealing a shadowy faction known as the Court of Owls to be Gotham City’s true controlling class.

According to the Batman comic lore, the Court of Owls is n organized crime group and secret society operating in the shadows to control Gotham City. They are a violent cabal of some of the city’s oldest and wealthiest families who use murder and money to wield political influence throughout history.

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Of course, this being Gotham, don’t expect that the Court of Owls are the only bad guys the heroes of the show have to concern themselves with. Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) has decided to take matters into his own hands as a vigilante while GCPD Detective Harvey Bullock (Donald Logue) and Captain Barnes (Michael Chiklis) try to fight crime through legal means.

Bruce Wayne, (David Mazouz) along with the help of his trusted butler/mentor Alfred Pennyworth (Sean Pertwee) and Lucius Fox (Chris Chalk), discovers that there is more to the story regarding his parents’ murders. Along the way, he will have a deeper connection with Selena Kyle (Camren Bicondova) and he will have to battle a new doppelganger enemy.

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The third season will also lay the foundation of Bruce’s evolution into the superhero, Batman, according to series producer Ken Woodruff through an interview. However, fans will not see Bruce suit up his famed superhero uniform but rather his transformation of being the superhero will be the focus of this upcoming season.

Fans are also giddy for the return of Cameron Monaghan to the upcoming season. It was confirmed that the actor will reprise his role as Jerome Valeska who many fans believe will end up becoming the Joker. How he comes back or when he comes back is yet to be determined but considering that the show’s subtitle is “Gotham: Mad City“, it is only fitting that Jerome will make his return.

Gotham: Mad City airs on Monday nights on Fox.

Photo Courtesy: Steve Czajka/Flickr

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