Gotham Season 3 Spoilers: Alice is Poison Ivy reincarnated

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After the Mad Hatter (Benedict Samuel) and her sister Alice (Naian Gonzalez Norvind) were introduced in the last episode, and how things suddenly turned out in Gotham (although strange things happening in Gotham are not really strange), there are some interesting theories and questions that came up who these new characters really are and the scope of their involvement in the next episodes of Gotham.

First, there is a possibility that Alice will be Poison Ivy. That theory came from a scene when Alice’s landlord tried to rape her. She warned him to stay away but he went on and when he kissed her, he suddenly had a toxic reaction, which was reminiscent of Ivy Pepper’s abilities.

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That alone is not sufficient evidence to conclude that Alice is indeed Poison Ivy reincarnated so here are the other reasons why Alice and Ivy are one and the same.

Ivy went “missing” and gained new abilities.

In previous seasons, Ivy (Clare Foley) fell into a manhole as Selina Kyle tried to help her. She was swept up by the strong current in the manhole and went “missing.”

After some time, she resurfaced with a grown-up body and new ability. Thus, aside from the poison she generated, she was able to communicate with plants as well. She also had control of her aging process where she could speed it up and become a young adult woman.

There wasn’t much information how much she can control her aging process. Can she stop her aging or can she revert back to her “child” state? Since there wasn’t any information yet, it is safe to speculate that she can.

Besides, when she went missing, she seemed to gain more ability and being able to manipulate her body’s aging process can be one of those enhancements.

The name is an obvious reference to her mother.

Her mother’s name was Alice Pepper, who committed suicide by slitting her wrist. Alice Pepper was also the recipient of physical abuse from her husband Mario.

Ivy taking her mother’s name can be her way of channeling her mother and giving her new life where she is able to fight back against her abusers. She might help her “mother” metamorphose from an abused woman to an empowered one just like what happened to her.

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And finally, the most preposterous theory of all.

Another theory that can be considered is Alice is really Alice Pepper reincarnated. Maybe Alice did not really die at all and like her daughter, she resurrected with abilities similar to her daughter.

Who knows? Jervis Tetch might also be the reincarnation of Mario Pepper and all three family members will be reunited to and plot to dominate Gotham. Now, that will really keep Jim Gordon busy and Gotham in total chaos. Strange things can really happen in Gotham.

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