Harry Potter movie actor Devon Murray on suicide watch

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Harry Potter movie Devon Murray #ReachOut Depression

Actor Devon Murray is best known for his role in the Harry Potter movie as Seamus Finnigan- described as a character having sandy hair, a huge Quidditch fan that supports Kenmare Kestrels…

But not all is magical for the Harry Potter movie actor in real life. There are reports that Devon Murray is living a life fighting demons in his head, perhaps like the ones we see in Hollywood films, but many times more dangerous.

“I’ve been battling depression in silence for ten years and only recently spoke about it and has made a huge difference,” Devon Murray tweeted, as reported by Self.com

“I had suicidal thoughts this year and that was the kick up the arse that I needed! Open up, talk to people. If you suspect a friend or family member is suffering in silence #ReachOut to them. Let them know you care.”

#ReachOut was created in support for World Mental Health Day, and Devon Murray tweeted out to support and enlighten his followers on the importance of communication for those afflicted.

The result of #ReachOut was positive enough for his fans to respond and share accounts of their own experiences with mental issues.

According to a recent report by Radar Online the Harry Potter movie actor had been living a suicidal nightmare.

“My self-confidence and everything had come to an all-time low,” he confessed. “Harry Potter was the best thing in my life, but in a sense turned into the worst times of my life.”

It is not clear as to why or how the Harry Potter movie, in any sense, turned into the bad for him, though.

“I was a mess. I’d felt like I let down my parents, that I couldn’t do anything right, I was pointless, I was a disaster.” the Harry Potter actor said.

Devon Murray has been fortunate enough to have the support of his family and friends that he’d gotten the help he needed.

“I completely regret not talking about it before,” Devon Murray added. “I wish I’d been open when I was 16. I’d have had a much better life.”

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