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Holly Holm Hollywood

Holly Holm, no doubt, is a hot commodity right now and is basking in the glory after her knockout win over Ronda Rousey in the UFC 193 women’s bantamweight championship held in Melbourne earlier this month.

Following her win,  she has enjoyed a whistle-stop tour of the biggest chat shows and met some of America’s biggest names.

“I’m going to be able to take it all in starting tonight [Tuesday]. I’m heading to Denver for Thanksgiving,” Holm told Sportsmail.

“I’ll sit back and have a low-key weekend and take it in, have a deep breath but I don’t know if it will ever really sink in. I just love being able to experience the doors that have been opening but I want to keep a balance in my life and have some down time.”

“I’ve met a ton of people I never thought I would meet. It’s been so busy that I haven’t been able to sit down and process it. I’ve been on Seth Meyers and The Talk and got to go the LA Clippers game and meet Jamie Foxx, Floyd Mayweather and Zab Judah. It’s so fun to be able to meet these people outside of TV and to get to know them a little bit.”

The new champion also met Mario Lopez and visited ‘Extra’ at Universal Studios in Hollywood.


Holm with Mario Lopez visit ‘Extra’ at Universal Studios in Hollywood

Holm previously said that she was willing to offer an immediate rematch to Ronda but according to reports the former champion is busy working on her latest film.

“You never know,” she added. “We haven’t talked about the exact details yet. I think they want to see what she’s planning as well. We’ll see where it goes from there.”

“I’d love to fight sooner than later. I love to fight, that’s why I’m in the UFC and I want to keep my eyes on the prize and not get distracted by all this other stuff that’s going on. I want to focus on training and getting better.”

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