House of Cards Season 5 predicts Frank Underwood’s death in spin-off, Claire replaces as US president [SPOILERS]

House of Cards Season 5 predicts Frank Underwood death and spinoff
House of Cards Season 5 predicts Frank Underwood’s death which will be the focus on shows’ spinoff. His wife Claire will replace as US President.

Confirmed not to work with House of Cards Season 5, Beau Willimon will no longer be  with Kevin Spacey in the spinoff show. He affirmed working on new endeavors after three years in the series. Because of his leaving, rumors regarding Frank Underwood’s death reportedly becomes the show’s spinoff.

In the past few weeks, Beau Willimon was rumored to leave the show and won’t be the showrunner for House of Cards Season 5 anymore. Recently, he confirmed it and told the public about his plans on making new projects apart from the show.

“After five years and four seasons, it’s time for me to move on new endeavors. But I’m supremely proud of what we’ve built together, wish the show continued success, and leave it in the hands of a very capable team” Willimon told Variety. 

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During an interview, he also showed his sincerest gratitude to the best actors Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright as well as the show’s incredibly talented writers, cast and crew whom he worked with for long time.

Hence, with Willimon’s leaving, speculations on Frank Underwood’s fate is talked about. According to theories, House of Cards Season 5 predicts that on its March 2017 premiere air date, fans will no longer anticipate longer appearance of the character.

In fact, Yibada reported that the spinoff will focus on Frank Underwood’s death. The source stated that Frank seemed to be weaker than before and he was on a hospital bed. His marriage predicted to have troubling issues with his wife, Clair.

The same source mentioned about Frank’s constant complaints on his pain particularly in his liver problems. Hence, it is anticipated to have the character’s death in House of Cards Season 5.

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House of Cards Season 5 predictions on the series’ fate lies on Frank Underwood’s fate whether he’ll die or not in the future episodes. Obviously, there would be changes to expect in the next season after Willimon’s confirmation on leaving the show.

But hopefully the changes will not lead on the lead character’s leaving due to an illness. If this happens, his wife, Claire Underwood, will take his position as the US president.

In the meantime, there is no official statement from the showrunner to what could the fans expect from the next set of episodes. So far, its March 2017 arrival is announced.

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