House of Cards to Luke Cage: Mahershala Ali happy with opportunity to play villain in Marvel Netflix series

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“House of Cards” will be losing a popular character next season after Mahershala Ali did not extend his contract with the hit political drama series.

Ali, who plays Remy Danton, who was Frank Underwood’s (Kevin Spacey) former ally in the series, is reportedly out of “House of Cards” and will now be seen as one of the supporting actors in the new Netflix series, “Luke Cage”.

Ali talked to Deadline.com about his House of Cards stint and his new role for the Marvel Netflix series.

“It got framed in a way—I was a little surprised by the headline [in GQ], honestly. Look, any actor knows that you don’t have that kind of power to quit; you just don’t, in general. I didn’t quit—we had conversations because the character had run his course,” Ali stated when asked about being removed from House of Cards.

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Ali was thankful for his House of Cards opportunity and said he understood the producers’ decision to finish the story of Remy Danton.

“I didn’t feel that there was a lot more to really explore—and if they didn’t agree with me, I wouldn’t be out of that contract. [Laughs] They understood that we had a good run, you know? You move on,” Ali stated.

“I’ve said this before: every show has a shelf life. House of Cards might work for seven or eight seasons, it might be done after six, I don’t know—but my character also has a shelf life. It was just time to close that storyline out while it still meant something to people.”

Ali will play the role of villain Cornell Stokes/Cottonmouth in the Luke Cage series, which is set for airing later in September.

“In terms of series work, it’s definitely the most present I’ve personally ever been in a series, and the most demanding [experience], I would say. As much as it’s in that comic book world, and we’re all very aware that it’s a degree removed from our own reality, as an actor, playing a guy who is struggling with some of the things that he’s struggling with—who is trying to maintain a hold over his business, over his industry—there’s an aspect of family legacy, manhood, responsibility; these things that Luke Cage begins to be a threat toward,” Ali stated about his villain character in Luke Cage.

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In the Marvel comics, Cottonmouth has the super power strength same to that of Luke Cage.

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