How to Get Away with Murder Season 3: Episode 1 filming starts; Frank Delfino confirmed come back in series

How to Get Away With Murder Season 3 Episode 1 filming started
How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 episode 1 filming has already commenced. Annalise Keating might not cross paths with Frank Delfino again.

How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 has officially started filming for the series’ new episodes. In the photos, it seemed that the new season will open in a court trial.

Showrunner Pete Nowalk posted in his Instagram account the photos showing a scene in a court trial. From the cameo view, there were two guest stars noticed. Karla Souza, Matt McGorry, Jack Falahee and Liza Weil were seen.

Nowalk captioned the photo of a cameraman behind the screens. “We’re baaacccckkk. Season 3 for you and me! Regram from @howtogetawaywithmurder creator @petenowalk (w/ director/producer @billdelia),” he posted.

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Viola Davis also shared a selfie in her Instagram account along with her co-stars except Charlie Weber. “Fasten your seat belts for season 3!!! #HTGAWM #TGIT #72Days #Sept22 #FirstShootDay #AnnaliseKeating” she captioned.

Many of the fans felt excited with the series’ arrival. One of them said they can’t wait until September 22 (series premiere).

According to Design & Trend, Davis won’t be working with Charlie Weber again. In fact, she stated she won’t cross paths with Frank Delfino’s character again. Weber added that he will still appear in some of the future episodes in How to Get Away with Murder Season 3.

His exit was made in Season 2 which made fans think he won’t come back in the next season. During the finale episode, he cleared his personal belongings from his apartment. According to TV Line’s previous report, he has a strong reason why he had to go away.

The biggest reason behind this decision is his involvement with series of murders of Annalise Keating’s husband and her unborn baby in a staged accident. He also killed Lila in fear of spilling the beans of his ugly secret in 10 years. In addition, he also accepted bribe from one of Annalise’s client Wallace Mahoney.

These grounds were already enough for Annalise Keating to avoid crossing paths with Frank Delfino. In spite of the circumstances, Charlie Weber, who played Frank in series, confirmed his character will remain in the next season.

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Charlie Weber told TV Line about Frank’s fate in Season 3. “My mind, as Frank, goes certain places. But ultimately, Pete Nowalk is the only person who knows the truths about these things. He seems to let things simmer before he puts pen to paper,” he said.

What would happen to Frank in Season 3? Are the court trial photos unveiled related to his case?

How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 premiere is dated for September 22, 10 pm ET on ABC.

Photo courtesy: Facebook.com/HowToGetAwayWithMurder

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