‘How to Get Away with Murder’ Season 3 Spoilers: Is Frank coming back?

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With the second season of ‘How to Get Away with Murder’ ending with a huge cliffhanger and its 3rd and brand new season’s release drawing near, the show’s creator, Pete Nowalk answers questions we all have been dying to get answers to.

The second season’s finale brought the fans of the drama series to a shock, with Wallace Mahoney being shot in front of Wes, who was just about to reveal to Wallace that he is his son and the revelation that Frank was actually behind the car crash that Annalise got involved in and killed her unborn child. With Annalise discovering Frank’s secret, Frank goes missing and Anna goes back to her home to mourn her loss.

Pete Nowalk shared his thoughts about the finale and answered theories on the next season of the show in an interview with Variety.

When asked about the mystery of Wallace’s assassin, Nowalk said that it’s either the truth behind it will be revealed at the beginning of the season, or in the latter of the show because its story is complicated.

Regarding Frank’s return, Nowalk said that there’s a good chance that he is already gone for good with his guilt over what he did to Annalise all over him, but there is also an option that Frank could go back and win Annalise’s love and try to make everything better with her.

Nowalk also said that if in case Frank does come back, Bonnie will need to choose sides between Anna and Frank, and this will test her loyalty to Annalise.

With the Hapstall case, Nowalk said that it is 95% done, and if it’s going to be tackled in the next season, it would only about the small things that would make it feel real.

When asked about what storylines from the past two seasons will continue through Season 3, Nowalk said that “It’s been important to me since the beginning to not have things happen to these characters and forget about them happening,” and that “I want to find out who Laurel’s father is, I want to find out who Michaela’s adopted family is and how that ties into who they are.”

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