Hulk Hogan Thinks ‘X Factor’ UK Cheryl has HIV? Tweets ‘Much Love’

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Hulk Hogan

Seems like Hulk Hogan has become the target for online pranksters once again.

The 62-year-old Hulk got caught again after re-tweeting a post in which the user cruelly joked that UK X-Factor’s judge Cheryl Fernadez-Versini was a HIV sufferer.

The message contained a screengrab of the X Factor judge taken from the Text Santa campaign advert with the caption: “Hi @HulkHogan my sister is HIV positive can she have a RT please.”

Hulk failed to recognize the former Girls Aloud singer and unknowingly retweeted the post sayng, “’tons of love and positive prayers for your sis, Gods got her, everything will be good Only love HH. (sic)”

It was only moments later did Hulk realize his error after his followers began pointing out his mistake and he deleted the post.

The events certainly saddened the wrestling legend as he tweeted again: “Why do so many people on Twitter get so wack, it’s really sad, I just don’t know who to respond to anymore, I’m out HH.”

The X Factor judge has been regularly falling victim to skinny-shaming incidents especially online. The 33-year-old’s recent Text Santa campaign has been her latest online shamming incident with the campaign reimagined as feed Cheryl this Christmas’ fundraiser, poking fun at the singer’s slim physique.


The X Factor judge has fallen victim to skinny-shaming from cruel online trolls

Like Cheryl, Former WWE Hall of Famer Hogan too has been caught in numerous online pranks. Hulk previously re-tweeted a string of prank messages containing pictures of famous footballers lending him their support in the wake of the racism scandal, which ended his long relationship with wrestling’s premier company.

And prior to that he was duped into re-tweeting posts which included a picture of Madeleine McCann as a “hide and seek champion”, and a photoshopped image of incestuous pedophile Josef Fritzl wearing a world’s greatest dad t-shirt.

Earlier this year, the former wrestling champion was left disgraced after a sex tape leak which revealed him using racist language for his daughter Brooke’s black boyfriend leading to World Wrestling Entertainment Inc company to sever all ties with him.

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