Hunter X Hunter chapter 354 Review, Spoilers and Manga Links: Hisoka’s “Bungee Gum” versus Chrollo’s “Convert Hand”, “Gallery Fake” and “Black Voice”, fight expected to be more intense

Hunter X Hunter chapter 354 will surely one of the most awaited parts of the Anime fans since it may give the outcome of the fight between the ‘Magician’ Hisoka and the leader of the Spider Chrollo. Will Hisoka end up dead? Or will the head of the Spider is completely obliterated?

Hunter X Hunter chapter 353 showed an intense fight between Hisoka and Chrollo. It was undeniable that Chrollo was a great tactician, using a different kind of logical techniques against Hisoka. Chrollo was using a trick ‘Convert Hands” and “Gallery Fake” in order to hide from the crowd and control puppets what will attack Hisoka.

Hisoka came to the conclusion that he should remove the heads of the puppet to stop them from attacking him. He thought that it would be better if he will wait until the place get less crowded before he starts an attack. Hisoka used ‘Bungee Gum’ in order to move up to the ceiling. Chrollo’s puppets found a way to reach Hisoka and he has no choice but to fight them.

Hisoka was busy fighting and he didn’t notice that Chrollo was already on his way to launch his attack. Chrollo managed to make a clean hit but Hisoka avoided having a fatal one. The same attack was made by Chrollo in the succeeding blow so Hisoka had the chance to memorize his moves. Hisoka attached ‘Bunge Gum’ into one puppet’s head and waited for the perfect timing to activate his attack. Unfortunately, he failed and Chrollo strikes him once again.

In Hunter X Hunter chapter 354, Hisoka managed to land a counter attack using ‘Bunge Gum’ and a puppet’s head. He used it to easily defeat the puppets and saw where Chrollo was. Hisoka made an analysis to stop Chrollo from creating more puppets:

  1. Without spelling the stamp, he will give new orders out to the puppets still on standby.
  2. He will dispel the stamp and make more puppet copies with ‘Gallery Fake’ after that, he will either (a) use the stamp to give out new orders or (b) use his left hand from ‘Convert Hands’ to change his form.

With critical analysis and careful observation, Hisoka finally made a perfect plan that can take down Chrollo. Using his ‘Bungee Gum’ he sticks it to other people, who were about to flee the place. The longer their distance from Hisoka the stronger the pulling force will be, leading them to hit Chrollo and Hisoka finally attached the ‘Bungee Gum’ to him. However, Chrollo used ‘Black Voice’ enabling him to create a copy of him and Hisoka failed once again.

The match between Chrollo and Hisoka is surely one of the fights that are very unpredictable. Hisoka ‘The Magician’ has tremendous analytic skills and unique moves while Chrollo always finds a way to every move by his opponent. It is very hard to predict who will win since both have experience engaging fierce battles. However, in every fight, there will surely be one victor and one loser unless there will be another unexpected character or event that will make the match stop.

Photo courtesy: Hunter X Hunter/Facebook

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