Hunter X Hunter chapter 356 Spoilers and Predictions: Hisoka survived fatal attack, Chrollo’s Indoor Fish and a strong character will appear to stop the fight

Hunter X Hunter chapter 356 is expected to show the outcome of the fight between Hisoka and Chrollo. Everyone is expecting that Chrollo will be the one who will emerge victorious since he managed to land a critical damage to Hisoka. However, there are still few who believe that Hisoka will survive and defeat Chrollo.

The fight seemed to be boring for those who have seen the true power of Chrollo. In his current fight with Hisoka, all he did was use his puppets and run away. It will be more interesting if he will use his special technique, ‘Indoor Fish’. He used it when the ‘Spiders’ infiltrated a building where the ‘Ten Dons’ were in and the auction was about to take place. Chrollo used ‘Indoor Fish’ to mercilessly obliterate one of the assassins that was hired to kill them.

On the other hand, the situation is very familiar in the past episodes of Hunter X Hunter where Kastro, a competitor in Heaven’s Arena, successfully took Hisoka’s arm. Killua predicted that the fight was over for Hisoka since Kastro was getting serious. However, Hisoka remained calm and showed the audience how he can easily defeat Kastro. While Kastro was busy fighting, Hisoka was silently observing and studying all his moves. Hisoka successfully landed a fatal blow against Kastro resulting for him to die.


The same thing can happen with his fight against Chrollo. Hisoka may finally find a way to completely defeat Chrollo and force him to fight with his real power. If this happens, no one can stop the fight and the outcome will surely be a bloody massacre with one of them ending up dead. However, in Hunter X Hunter episode 356, there are speculations that a third party may appear and stop the fight. Though there are no revelations whether he/she is an ally or enemy of Hisoka and Chrollo, the character who is about to interfere must be strong since he/she has the ability to stop the fight.

Photo courtesy: Hunter X Hunter Wikia

Video courtesy: Youtube/Austin Blewer and Youtube/klaus2x

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