Hunter X Hunter chapter 357, 358 Review, Spoilers and Predictions: Hisoka fakes death, killed Shalnark and Kortopi; Next action to be taken to ‘The New Continent’

Hunter X Hunter chapter 357 marked the end of the match between Hisoka ‘The Magician’ and the leader of the Phantom Troupe, Chrollo Lucifer. However, Chrollo failed to kill Hisoka after the explosion that made the manga readers puzzled on how did he fake his own death.

Hunter X Hunter chapter 357 started with an explosion happening on Heaven’s Arena leading to 33 victims, including Hisoka. Machi, Shalnark, and Kortopi brought his corpse in a hotel. When Shalnark and Kortopi were about to leave, Machi decided to stay to fulfill her promise to Hisoka.

Machi said that Hisoka paid in advance for his wounds to be healed. After that, a flashback was shown about what happened before the explosion. Hisoka covered himself with ‘Bungee Gum’ enabling himself to survive the explosion. Machi was surprised that Hisoka’s corpse was having an aura even though he was dead.

Hisoka rose and revealed to Machi what happened. Hisoka used ‘Bungee Nen’ in order to protect his heart and lungs from being severely damaged. While lying, Hisoka used his hand to pump his heart.

Using ‘Bungee Gum’, Hisoka managed to bring back his hand and limb that was severely damaged during the fight.

Hisoka explained that he wanted to kill other members of the Phantom Troupe in order to remove some of the power contained in Chrollo’s book. Machi tried to stop him but Hisoka covered her with ‘Bungee Gum’ making her unable to move.

On the other hand, Chrollo was already planning their next mission and talked to Shalnark about the details. It seemed like their next target were the Kakin Royal Family and their treasure. Shalnark was wondering what took Kortopi long inside the comfort room.

To his surprise, he saw Hisoka holding Kortopi’s head and Hisoka attacked him next. Hunter X Hunter chapter 357 ended with two members of the Spiders dead.

Many are wondering about how easily Hisoka defeated the two members of the Spiders. According to Reddit, Shalnark and Kortopi’s power were lessen since Chrollo borrowed it when he fought Hisoka.

In the middle of the conversation of Chrollo and Shalnark, the leader of the Phantom Troupe asked if Shalnark would want his phone back but he insisted that he doesn’t need it.

Why did Hisoka not kill Machi first? It seems like Hisoka feels different for Machi than other members of the Spider. Machi used to heal Hisoka every time he was severely wounded during the fight which may be one of the reasons on why he spared her life.

Hunter X Hunter chapter 358 is expected to be an all-out war between Hisoka and the 10 remaining members of the Spiders. Once they found out that two of their members were dead, they will surely start their hunt for Hisoka. However, with the mission of the Spiders to chase the Kakin Royal Family, it seemed like the action will be taken to another place, the new continent.

Photo courtesy: Hunter X Hunter Wikia

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