Hunter X Hunter chapter 358, 359 Spoilers and Predictions: Royal Succession War begins; Kurapika senses a ‘dark aura’, Spiders or Beyond?

Hunter X Hunter chapter 358 marked the start of the succession war for the next king of the Kakin Royal family and their journey to the ‘New Continent’ popularly known as the Dark Continent.

Hunter X Hunter chapter 358 started with the announcement of the start of the journey to the ‘New Continent’. According to Hunter X Hunter Wikia, Dark Continent is the world that does not appear on the world map. The expedition is led by the Kakin’s king, Nasubi Hui Guo Rou together with the princes, who were related to him by blood, and Beyond Netero as second-in-command.

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It was also announced that the said expedition will determine the successor of the king. However, if one of them died before they land on the new continent, the succession war will stop. All of the people who will take part in the historical event will head to the Black Whale.

Black Whale is divided into 5 decks wherein the first two decks are for the Royal family and VIPs and the third deck and below belongs to the public. Also, a ‘Hunting Ground’ was restricted to the 1st and 2nd deck and will only be used upon landing in the Dark Continent.

Kurapika was included in the voyage since he was tasked to be the bodyguard of one of the prince. Kurapika was forced to join the Zodiacs after Mizai revealed to him that the Kakin Royal family holds one of the ‘Scarlet Eyes’. While Kurapika was strictly observing, Mizai called him telling that the sensed a ‘blood-drenched’ royal succession war.

Mizai also informed Kurapika about the lack of preparation of Kakin Royal family to the expedition. It seems like they are only prioritizing the Royal family and VIPs and no concern for the 3rd deck and below.

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Kurapika informed Queen Oito about the things they need to do if ever an emergency happens. The queen panicked and felt strange. Kurapika ordered the other guard to bring the queen and her child to the sleeping chamber. While he was contacting the control room, he sensed an aura and immediately turned his attention to them. However, it seems like it was only his imagination.

Hunter X Hunter chapter 359 will be expected to be the continuation of the Dark Continent expedition. However, it seems like an action is about to happen as Kurapika senses a dark aura. Is it Beyond Netero’s Nen or the Spiders? The dark aura seems to be similar with Illumi’s bloodlust. It seems like an enemy is about to approach and threaten Queen Oito and her baby.

Photo courtesy: VS BATTLES/Hunter X Hunter Wikia

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