Hunter X Hunter chapter 358 Spoilers and Predictions: Kurapika, Zodiacs to engage with the Phantom Troupe in the ‘Dark Continent’

Hunter X Hunter chapter 358 is set to take the action in the ‘Dark Continent’ where more powerful characters are expected to be involved. Hisoka is chasing the other members of the Spiders before eliminating their leader, Chrollo Lucifer.

In the Hunter X Hunter episode 357, the Phantom Troupe are currently on their next mission to steal the treasure from the Kakin Royal family. Chrollo thought that Hisoka was already dead and he did not know that two of his members, Shalnark, and Kortopi, were already killed by the ‘Magician’. Based on a previous article, Kurapika was forced to join the Zodiacs because of his desire to recover the ‘Scarlet Eyes’ owned by the Kakin Royal family.

Everyone knows how powerful every member of the Spider is. They have their own individual techniques that made them a dangerous opponent, especially in a one-on-one fight. Hisoka only managed to kill Shalnark and Kortopi because Chrollo had their powers.

Here is a video showing the power of some members of the Spider:

Hisoka cannot fight the remaining members alone. He should find the perfect timing when the members of the Spider are not in a group which is very unlikely to happen. With this, Hisoka should find an ally who can help him with his mission. So far, there were two people who were able to help him, Kurapika and Illumi Zoldyck. However, the latter is still questionable since he has connections with the leader of the Phantom Troupe.

Kurapika can team up with Hisoka to kill the remaining members of the Phantom Troupe. His desire to avenge the death of the Kuruta clan can be a huge factor on why he will help Hisoka. Also, since the Phantom Troupe is targeting the Kakin Royal family’s treasure, Kurapika has no choice but fight them since the treasure includes the ‘Scarlet Eyes’.

Hunter X Hunter chapter 358 will surely be an exciting scene since the action will be taken in the ‘Dark Continent’ where the Zodiacs and Beyond Netero are in.

Photo courtesy: Hunter X Hunter Wikia

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