Hunter X Hunter chapter 358 Spoilers and Predictions: Next actions to be taken at ‘Dark Continent’; Kurapika helping Hisoka to kill the Spiders?

Hunter X Hunter chapter 358 will be Hisoka’s mission to annihilate all the members of the Phantom Troupe including their leader Chrollo Lucifer. However, the Spiders are on their way to the ‘Dark Continent’ to chase Kakin Royal Family and steal their treasures.

Recalling in the past chapters, the Kakin Royal Family were involved in the expedition in the ‘Dark Continent’ where Beyond Netero was tasked to lead. It was stated in the Hunter X Hunter chapter 357 that the Kakin Royal Family are heading to the ‘New Continent’ which also refers as the ‘Dark Continent’. It seems like the next action of the succeeding chapters will be taken to a new place where more powerful characters will be involved.

Hunter X Hunter chapter 357 showed how Hisoka managed to fake his death and killed two members of the Phantom Troupe (Shalnark and Kortopi). He is being more aggressive to kill the remaining members of the Spiders and continue his fight with Chrollo.

The news about Hisoka’s death may spread all over the world and Kurapika might already know about this. Also, the news about Shalnark and Kortopi’s death may reach other members of the Phantom Troupe and Machi will tell them everything she knew regarding what happened. However, since Machi was trapped in the hotel with Hisoka’s ‘Bungee Gum’, there is a possibility that the Spiders will be already on their way to the ‘Dark Continent’.

According to Hunter X Hunter Wikia, when Leorio was asked by Cheadle to join the Zodiac, he declined the offer but recommended Kurapika instead. By that time, Kurapika was chased by one of the Zodiacs, Mizaistom. Mizaistom used the ‘Scarlet Eyes’ owned by the fourth prince of the Kakin to join. With Kurapika’s strong desire to bring back all the eyes of his brethren, he accepted the offer.

It is not a secret to everyone about Kurapika’s intention to avenge the death of the Kuruta clan. He had established a condition in order for his Nen to be more powerful so he can easily kill all the Spiders. With the Spiders heading to the Dark Continent, there is a higher possibility that they will meet Kurapika once again. Also, the treasure that Chrollo wanted to get from the Kakin Royal Family may include the Scarlet Eyes.

Hisoka and Kurapika, who can be considered ‘weird companions’ in the past episodes of the Hunter X Hunter, can team up in order to annihilate all the members of the Spiders. However, they should expect that it will not be an easy task since the remaining members of the Phantom Troupe have their own special skills that can easily kill them once they made a wrong move.

Photo courtesy: Hunter X Hunter Wikia

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