Hunter X Hunter chapter 359, 360 Review, Spoilers, Predictions: Kurapika uses chain jail; Shizuku and Franklin, the killers?

Hunter X Hunter chapter 359 marked the start of the Dark Continent expedition and the Royal Succession War. However, several casualties were declared and the assassins were still unknown.

Hunter X Hunter chapter 359 started with the announcement that the Black Whale will start to sail. The lady staff said that it will take two months before their reach the Dark Continent. She also explained that they will be sailing through normal territorial waters for three weeks and the rest will be on untamed waters.

The savage untamed waters were said to be having lots of flying creatures where storms, tornados and other scary phenomena happen. Meanwhile, in deck 3, the Zodiacs were intensively planning what to do when they land in the Dark Continent. They said that they will be transferring to Morel’s ship and head to the gate where the keeper is waiting.

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Tokyarine was tasked to handle the transportation from the Dark Continent to the relay point. However, she said that her ability was not powerful as Knov’s. Knov can create teleportation channel from one point to another just like what they did in the Chimera Ant Arc. Tokyarine suggested that they should find two to three people that can help her with the transportation.

In deck 1, three Zodiacs were assigned to guard Beyond Netero. They were complaining that it was a waste of personnel and resources for three people to guard Beyond. However, it seemed like they have no idea how powerful Beyond really is. Knowing that he was the son of Isaac Netero, he might have acquired some of the skills of his father.

The head undersecretary was discussing the Ladybrinth City to two other staff and said that they should study the entire location if ever he dies. In deck 3, multiple events were happening in the Medical Facility where Leorio and Cheadle were and in the central courthouse where there was an ongoing trial.

Mizai was busy on deck 4 having a briefing with the Kakin Royal troops. A dead guard was found in the bathroom by Kurapika and the other guards. The corpse had multiple holes in his body and all his blood has been drained out. Kurapika asked the guards and other hunters about the details of the incident.

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Kurapika realized that they do not about the Royal Succession War. Four more dead bodies were found and they also have multiple holes in their bodies and their blood has been drained out.

In the previous article, there were speculations that the suspects were the two members of the Spider, Shizuku, and Franklin. However, there were no given hints regarding the assassins since they didn’t leave any trace.

Kurapika thought that one of the guards is lying so he decided to use his chain jail. He said that he will ask some questions and if they were lying he will shoot them.

Hunter X Hunter chapter 359 revealed that the dark aura that Kurapika noticed in the past episode was not an imagination. There is a possibility that an enemy successfully entered the ship and roaming around to kill.

Hunter X Hunter chapter 360 will be showing if one of the guards is lying or not. It is expected to reveal or give hints about the assassins whether they are from the Phantom Troupe, the Zoldycks or other villains.

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