Hunter X Hunter chapter 359 Title, Summary and Spoilers: Zodiacs in action; Assassins roam around Black Whale

Hunter X Hunter chapter 359 titled “Sail” marked the start of the Dark Continent expedition and the Royal Succession war. The Zodiacs, who are boarded the Black Whale, started to take in the action and were having discussions.

A user from Reddit posted the summary for Hunter X Hunter chapter 359. A female staff announced that it will take two months before they reach the Dark Continent. They will travel in normal sea water in three weeks. After that, they will be sailing in uncharted waters which are very dangerous because of storms and other phenomena.

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The Zodiacs were having discussions and planning strategies in order for the voyage to be at peace. The Kakin Royal family and normal travellers are expected to get off in the Dark Continent. The Zodiacs will board Morau’s ship and go to the gatekeeper’s locations. Kanzai, Saiyu and Saccho were assigned to guard Beyond Netero in the first floor. The ‘glass guy’ was studying new world documents in his room.

Cheadle and Leorio were on the 3rd floor to arrange the medicines and stuff for the staff. Mizai and the royal army were also on the same floor having a briefing. Meanwhile, Kurapika saw a corpse from which all blood was removed.

There are speculations that the suspects are Shizuku and Franklin based on the holes on the body and blood lost. The assassins seemed to be very professional and they left no trace at all. Recalling in the auction massacre, Franklin and Shizuku did the same thing. However, there is no confirmation that they are really the killers.

Kurapika ordered for the corpse to be given to the royal army. He asked the hunters behind him why they didn’t use Nen, and they said their duty was only to protect the queen and princes. The hunters didn’t know about the succession war.

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Senritsu heard the conversation of Kacho who plans to kill all the princes until two of them remained. If their plan succeeds, she will ask the king to not let Fugetsu die.

Back to Kurapika, four more guards were dead with their blood sucked out. Kurapika tried to test the hunters and forced them to tell everything they know or else they will die.

“I’m going to tell you everything I know now, and ask some questions. If anyone lies, the chain spins, if the chain spins, I shoot!”

Hunter X Hunter chapter 359 will release on Thursday, June 23,2016.

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