Hunter X Hunter chapter 360 release ends manga, Togashi Yoshihiro can no longer create chapter 361

Hunter X Hunter chapter 360 release ends manga
Hunter X Hunter chapter 360 release ends Togashi Yoshihiro’s manga since he reportedly cannot make another chapter. Thus, no chapter 361 release expected.

Hunter X Hunter chapter 360 release might be the end of the manga as creator Togashi Yoshihiro’s health worsened. Fans are devastated after learning the news as they await another hiatus for the series.

In the past few weeks, Togashi Yoshihiro released Hunter X Hunter chapter 360 entitled “Parasite.” When it was revealed, many fans were stunned and thrilled to know the continuation of the saga. However, after a week or so, another hiatus was declared. Hence, fans felt devastated.

Everyone was clueless when would they expect another chapter. They were wondering if they could still read another chapter or not anymore. Vine Report mentioned that the creator has been asked for numerous long breaks due to his illness.

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This information was confirmed in an exclusive forum in Anime News Network wherein many of the Hunter X Hunter manga fans shared details about Yoshihiro’s real condition.

A user named Hawkmonger said that Togashi has a spina bifida or a disorder from birth wherein the spine doesn’t develop properly resulting to weakness or paralysis of legs, bowel and urinary incontinence or loss of skin sensation in the legs and the surrounding parts.

He stated that Togashi tried his best to complete a chapter while in agony. Consequently, many fans felt grateful for trying to finish chapters though he’s not in healthy condition to complete series of chapters in a row.

Albeit some felt devastated of the issue, many wished that the creator will be okay and healthy to continue the characters’ quest and release Hunter X Hunter manga chapter 361.

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“Since with Togashi anything goes, just pray that he can get and stay healthy for the periods he needs to finish what he started. And let him spend time with his family too,” user named Wandering Samurai said.

Because of the irregular release schedules Togashi Yoshihiro follows for Hunter X Hunter manga series, fans should not expect weekly or monthly chapter releases. In the meantime, they should remain patient while waiting for chapter 361 release date.

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