Hunter X Hunter chapter 360 Spoilers: Kurapika uses chain jail to identify the killer; Spiders, Chimera Ants or Magical Beast.

Hunter X Hunter chapter 360 is expected to show the scene where Kurapika tries to find the killers that penetrated the Black Whale. Though the assassins left no traces, there are speculations that they are either the Phantom Troupe, Chimera Ants or Magical Beast.

Hunter X Hunter chapter 359, Kurapika said that he will ask questions to the hunters using his ‘chain jail’. However, if they were lying, he will shoot him. Kurapika will surely be having a hard time finding the killer since they left no traces in the crime scene.

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There are previous speculation that the killers might be Shizuku and Franklin of the Phantom Troupe. The theory was based on how the corpse looked like. The holes in the bodies may come from the ‘Nen Bullets’ of Franklin while Shizuku used her vacuum to drain their blood.

Ecumenical News speculated that the killers might be a Dark Continent Beast (Magical Beast). Magical Beast has the ability to imitate the appearance of a human and there is a possibility that he was tagging along with the other hunters or guards.

Chimera Ants could also be the culprit. Pariston, a known supporter of the Dark Continent Expedition and Beyond Netero, threatened to unleash thousands of Chimera Ants before. Everyone knows that there were large amounts of Chimera Ants that were spared when the ‘King’ died.

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Hunter X Hunter chapter 360 will show if Kurapika will succeed to find the culprit using his ‘chain jail’. If he fails, he must find another way to secure the safety of Queen Oito and her child. With the start of the expedition, the ‘Royal Succession War’ is expected to be more intense. There is a possibility that the number of casualties will be getting higher even before they land the Dark Continent.

Hunter X Hunter chapter 360 is expected to be released on Thursday, June 30, 2016.

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