Hunter X Hunter Chapter 360 Spoilers ‘Parasite’; Chapter 361 and beyond to be released on 2018

Hunter X Hunter chapter 360 titled ‘Parasite’ will be the last chapter to be released as the manga series is about to undergo a hiatus once again. The action is getting more intense as the Royal Succession War begins inside the Black Whale.

Hunter X Hunter chapter 360 started with Kurapika using his chain jail to identify who were lying among the guards. He first asked them if they knew anything about the Royal Succession War. Two of the guards were confirmed to have knowledge of the bloody event. The second question was if they were ally with Prince Woble. With this, Kurapika and Queen Oito found out that the guards were not fully committed to defend Prince Woble.

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However, Kurapika let them explained and tied the two guards for security purpose.  A guard explained that when Kurapika told them about a Nen user that was possibly the killer, the Nen Beast immediately came into his mind. Recalling in the past chapter, each princes have their own Nen Beast to protect them.

While having discussion, Kurapika and the other guards noticed a weird creature on the head of the two guards. They figured out the these were the Nen Beast from the other princes. However, it seemed like the beasts were not control by anyone and moved on their own.

Kurapika called the other hunters to inform them about the strange happenings. Biscuit and the others said that there were also similar events that happened on their spot. Kurapika and one of the guards tried to reach an agreement but failed because of different beliefs.

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To their surprised, a guard stabbed his three comrades who seemed to be under control by someone powerful. It seems like the Royal Succession War has already begun and the actions are starting to be more intense. Unfortunately, Hunter X Hunter chapter 360 will be the last chapter for now.

According to Kotaku.com, Hunter X Hunter creator Yoshihiro Togashi has put the popular comic to hiatus once again. The decision was mainly affected by Togashi’s chronic disease that also one of the reasons why the manga undergo a hiatus.

For the meantime, here is a fan theory that predicts what could have happened in Hunter X Hunter 360 and beyond:

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