Hunter X Hunter Chapter 361 Release Date, Spoilers, Rumors: Yoshihiro Togashi plans to finish his masterpiece by himself; Next chapter release in 2017?

Hunter X Hunter
Photo courtesy: Hunter X Hunter Official VAP Site

Hunter X Hunter chapter 361 is yet to be released but rumors are circulating about the creator Yoshihiro Togashi and the future of the popular Anime. As everyone knows by now, the main reason behind the hiatus is Togashi’s worsening health condition. The Hunter X Hunter creator is suffering from back pain which also caused the last hiatus.

Nobody predicted that the Hunter X Hunter will be going another hiatus again. Hunter X Hunter chapter 360, the last manga chapter released, left the readers in a cliffhanger not knowing what will happen next inside the Black Whale and the Dark Continent Expedition.

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Will Hunter X Hunter be canceled?

Hunter X Hunter is Yoshihiro Togashi’s masterpiece. There is a lesser chance that this scenario will happen. Just hearing the word ‘cancel’ will surely frustrate the fans and Togashi will surely not like that to happen.

The release of Hunter X Hunter chapter 361 might take time but Yoshihiro Togashi will surely finish it “by hook or by crook”. The last part of the manga features lots of possible predictions on what will be the next scenes. The longer the hiatus will be, the more time for Togashi to improve the manga.

Shueisha finding another writer?

For Hunter X Hunter fans, these rumors are quite disturbing and they might lose most of their readers. Yoshihiro Togashi is the writer and illustrator of the manga. If another writer and illustrator will be tasked to do it, it will surely lose the identity and the real story that the main creator wants to share with his readers.

Yoshihiro Togashi is still under contract with Shueisha. Finding another creator will take a long process and Togashi will not entrust his “masterpiece” to another writer.

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If his condition is getting worse, fans can expect a longer hiatus than the previous one. Still, everyone is hoping that Yoshihiro Togashi will have a faster recovery and continue the popular manga soon.

Photo courtesy: Hunter X Hunter Official VAP Site

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