Cuddles and Kisses follow Idris Elba’s Kickboxing Debut

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Sizzling chemistry is ensuing between the powerhouse Idris Elba and the Material Girl Madonna, if pictures and tweets shared online are to be believed. The romantic saga is unfolding at the backdrop of Elba’s sensational kickboxing debut that witnessed a tirade of kicks and punches at the York Hall, Bethnal Green. He won the match and the Rebel Heart.

Post match, Madonna was all over “Big Driis”, as they sashayed together with their mutual set of groupies into an up-scale London restaurant to celebrate the debut and a friend’s birthday, and partied right into the next morning.

But then, they were“spotted kissing”! According to the unnamed friends and witnesses, Madonna and Idris Elba are more than just friends. They shared more than just cuddles and naughty winks.

Unlike his hardened personality in the ring, Elba was at his cuddly best, kissing and hugging Madonna, as witnessed by an insider of The Sun. A native Londoner, Idris Elba chose the perfect venue for his professional debut, even as he enjoyed the attention of his international fans and sponsors. More than anyone else, it was Madonna who was enjoying the fight like a lovelorn belle fille. Her Instagram clip from the arena “Idris Elba Smashes it at York Hall!”, and then the intimate bedroom selfie captioned, “I kicked his butt” reveal more than what meets the eye.

Idris Elba is already a fodder for the rumor mill, slated to be the next James Bond, as it was reported by The Daily Telegraph. Madonna is all ga-ga about his decision to step into the boxing ring as part of his training for the 3-part Idris Elba: Fighter series, showcasing the emotionally and physically exhaustive journey of a professional kick-boxer.

So far, Elba has denied all rumors of dating Madonna. Proof: Check out the tweet from the Pacific Rim star.

“Am I sleeping with Madonna? No motherf***ers… ‘Don’t believe the Hype.’”

For now, he is all set to travel to Cuba, South Africa Japan and Thailand for further training, and Madonna, by all means will follow him and cover his journey.

Image source: Idris Elba/Twitter

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