Iggy Azalea defends Lakers’ Nick Young, believes sexual harassment allegations against are fabricated

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Young and Iggy (Photo courtesy: Instagram/@thenewclassic)

Iggy Azalea defended boyfriend/fiancé Nick Young over the sexual harassment row that involved the Los Angeles Lakers guard recently.

TMZ Sports asked the Australian rapper/singer about the sexual harassment allegations against the Lakers’ bench player and if she thinks the accusations are “fabricated”.

Iggy Azalea did not think twice and answered, “Yes, come on, men,” short of saying that the Alexis Jones, the accuser in the said allegations, is a liar.

“We’ve looked into the situation and spoken to Alexis Jones as well as to Nick Young and Jordan Clarkson. Based on these conversations, our conclusion is that there are different interpretations of what happened,” the Los Angeles Lakers said in an official press release from team spokesman John Black.

“We support Nick and Jordan and believe what they told us about the incident and their actions. We also are supportive of Alexis and her feelings about what happened, about women’s rights, and of the fine work Alexis is doing with her organization.”

The official statement also stated that the Lakers organization is trying to contact Jones but both sides have not officially have a dialogue yet.

“I had several conversations with Alexis and her publicist, and tried to arrange a meeting between her, Nick and Jordan. Unfortunately, Alexis’s schedule didn’t allow for this to happen yesterday. We will also continue to stay in touch with her about the possibility of addressing our team about the important issues with which she’s involved,” the Lakers statement added.

Nick Young and Lakers teammate Jordan Clarkson are being accused of sexual harassment by Jones, an activist for women’s rights and a former reality TV star. Iggy Azalea is backing her fiance in the new Lakers controversy.

According to Jones, Nick Young and Jordan Clarkson allegedly pulled up alongside them while driving and began sexually harassing their group, which included Jones’ mother.

Iggy Azalea appeared comfortable in the interview and looks like she or their relationship won’t be affected by the sexual harassment allegations.

Photo courtesy: Instagram/@thenewclassic

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