Rogue One film premiere not a Star Wars box office hit in December; Film compared to The Force Awakens

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Star Wars Rogue One film premiere
Rogue One film premiere might not succeed, if the media failed to entice moviegoers & answer confusion of film whether it’s The Force Awakens sequel or not.

Three months before the Rogue One film premiere worldwide, latest Star Wars predictions circulated the web particularly on how it stands out from the rest of the Star Wars films such as The Force Awakens in 2015.

Many fans around the world are waiting for the arrival of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story in December 14 this year. At the same event, speculations mentioned that the film has a higher chance to succeed as a an instant blockbuster hit because of the “December leg” factor.

This is how most film analysts describe movies scheduled in the last quarter of the year, especially those movies set for December. Aside from the fact that it’s obviously a holiday season and most of the families wanted to enjoy watching films, most of the premiered movies in that month usually soared high in terms of sales.

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According to Scott Mendelson from Forbes, he mentioned that the movies slated in December tend to have a higher percentage of succeeding, because of the “December leg” fever. Given that Rogue One film premiere opens in North America, the United Kingdom, and Japan, his predictions about its future success made sense.

Furthermore, Mendelson compared the upcoming Star Wars film to last year’s The Force Awakens, wherein it has received $2 billion earnings since its premiere. Following the high earnings, the movie has also received many awards from different award-giving bodies.

That scenario is possible for Rogue One. However, its uncertain plot and the existing confusion whether Rogue One is a sequel of The Force Awakens or not could affect his predictions. That means fans’ interest remained the crucial to its success, although the film will premiere in December.

“Adding to the complications is the fact that the general audience isn’t sure when or where this film takes place, with confusion about whether it’s [a] sequel to ‘The Force Awakens.’ The may sound mad,” Mendelson said.

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With the help of positive media to entice moviegoers to watch Rogue One, it guarantees the resolution to the concerns of the fans’ confusions. In that way, Lucasfilm could assure success like The Force Awakens last year.

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