Jack Nicholson Alzheimer’s disease fears causes family feud

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Photo courtesy: Franz Richter/Wikimedia commons
Former Hollywood playboy Jack Nicholson hopes Leonardo DiCaprio settles w/ one partner, alzheimer’s disease, Jack Nicholson retired

As a young Hollywood actor Jack Nicholson used to live the fast life, habitué in the best parties where the most beautiful women in the industry were, shooting high balls in drug-fueled gatherings.

In a way he sees himself in the young actor Leonardo DiCaprio and hopes he finds one partner to settle with.

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According to a report by The Sun Jack himself wished to have one last serious romance but accepts that may no longer be possible.

“No woman has ever recognised what I say as being legitimate. They don’t trust me. They think of my reputation, Jack the Jumper, so I’m damned by what women think.” Jack Nicholson said, who was linked back in the day to Meryl Streep.

Speaking of settling down, age has caught up with Nicholson, now 79 years old, and he rarely goes out at all. He mostly settles to a retired man’s routine at his home, takes painting for a hobby and is no longer seen in Lakers games.

In fact, according to a report by Radar Online Jack’s family and friends fear he’s showing symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. He already struggled memorizing his lines before finally retiring silently.

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The story was brought up when Jack Nicholson’s children scrambled to protect their rights over his $400 million fortune when stories surfaced of their father’s love child, Danish-born daughter, Honey Duffy.

She’s reportedly close to his daughter and a source claims, “Jack’s face would light up whenever Honey was around. His other kids were ragingly jealous because, despite being so far away, she always remained the apple of her father’s eye.”

Aside from fears regarding Jack Nicholson Alzheimer’s disease, he’s blown to around 300 pounds.

With Jack Nicholson retired, his health has gradually declined. His neighbor at Mulholland Drive and loyal friend Harry Dean Stanton feels he’d be lucky to be able to meet up his buddy on special occasions.

Meanwhile, as sad as this story turns out to be for one of Hollywood’s best actors, what makes it worse is that his children continue to clamor over his money, hoping to settle their claims before he dies; entrenching his $400 million fortune especially against Honey Duffy.

Aside from Honey Duffy, Jack Nicholson’s daughters are Jennifer Nicholson, Honey Hollman, Ray Nicholson, Tessa Gourin and Caleb James Goddard.

Photo courtesy: Franz Richter/Wikimedia commons

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