Jaden Smith is alive as Doctor Strange, Will Smith to bring him back to reality

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Jaden Smith is alive, Will Smith, Doctor Strange
Jaden Smith is alive as Doctor Strange, Will Smith, Jaden Smith

These are strange times. Remember when Jaden Smith rumors of his death flooded the Internet? He must have died two to three times already within the realms of the virtual world. Not only can we confirm that Jaden Smith is alive, but also that he has completely decided to change his life’s tenets.

Jaden Smith is alive as Doctor Strange. Don’t believe it? Welcome past the virtual world and into a nebula of magic.

The movie Doctor Strange by Marvel Comics in now out in movie theaters, casting spells on its enamored audience. It now has an estimated $82 million gross sales, and is expected to overtake Thor: The Dark World.

The young actor Jaden Smith was among those who’ve watched the film, and if you want to know how the Doctor Strange movie fared, you need to realize how captivated Will Smith ‘s son was right off the bat.

“Just Watched Doctor Strange, Im Completely Blown Away, And I’m Going To Dedicate The Rest Of My Life To Those Practices. Thank You” Jaden Smith tweeted, according to a report by MTV.

Something tells us Will Smith needs to catch up with his son as soon as possible. Will Smith played the character of DC’s Deadshot, and who knows what a household of superheroes could look like.

Jaden Smith is alive all right, and he could be down the basement, behind a secret door concocting some magical formula, or delving into one of “those practices” Doctor Strange is known for.

Doctor Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme has evoked strange times indeed, and it prompted one Jaden Smith ‘s followers to tweet back:

“You know all that magic stuff in the movie wasn’t actually real right?”

Marvel seems to have found that magic formula that captivates its young audience. But a little advice is given to parents for the character’s coarse lines. It may be a little too harsh for kids to take, although it does not entail cursing and F-bombs.

It’s a wonderful treat to the eye with its colorful effects, 3D, visualization, and sound effects. It’s enough for a practicing actor to declare his life is changed.

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