Jaden Smith dead update: Latest evidence reveals real story

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Will Smith son Jaden Smith death
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Jaden Smith dead headlines are continuing to be the talk of the online world with zero evidence of the allegations that the young star has committed suicide. Recent reports state that Jaden Smith fans are more “baffled” with the fake news and are confused with all the death updates.

The Mirror posted some fan reactions in their latest article about the Jaden Smith dead online rumors.

“4 people on my fb fell for that jaden smith suicide hoax link and that is just one day. everyday at least someone else falls for it, too,” the article quoted a fan post about the latest viral Jaden Smith death hoax.

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The report stated that Jaden Smith is “alive and well” but that fans are continuing to be fooled by the “vile hoax” of suicide rumors. Coincidentally, Jaden Smith’s father, Will Smith recently starred in the movie, “Suicide Squad” and there are allegations that it’s Jaden Smith’s camp that is using the news to promote his latest projects.

The origin of the Jaden Smith dead hoax started with a Facebook page that claimed that the younger Smith bade goodbye to his dad. However, it’s a hoax page that forces users to use an up that posts the user’s page to the social media site. This has caused the link to blow up in other users pages about the fake news.

To confirm Jaden Smith is not dead, here are some of the latest news and posts on Twitter showing Smith having fun lately.

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Jaden Smith has mysterious images posted on his Twitter and Instagram in recent days. Fans are quick to speculate that it’s about the possible divorce of parents Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith but these are all allegations thus far.

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