Jaden Smith Suicide Rumors: Was it all just for a TV promotion

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With Jaden Smith’s rumored death circulated in August, people are beginning to think that the shocking news was all just a ruse for his musical Netflix series, The Get Down. The 18-year-old actor/rapper/model became famous for his appearances in films like Karate Kid, Pursuit of Happyness and After Earth.

Will Smith addressed the Jaden Smith suicide rumors by making sure that the public sees his son healthy and very much alive. He was spotted alongside his father in the world premiere of Suicide Squad.

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“Jaden Smith allegedly committed suicide because his family did not accept he was gay,” FX News Call reported. “His father, film superstar Will Smith, has always been embracing of minorities and was not the type who would not be accepting of his son, who even before the rumors was already challenging gender stereotypes in entertainment.”

At the side of the Jaden Smith suicide rumors and coming out of the closet issue, the news site also reported that since the dead rumors have calmed down, another fuss has swamped the actor.

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“He has now been accused of queer baiting as well. In a scene for the Netflix series The Get Down, he is seen kissing another male character. Is this another way to raise the profile of the polarizing series?” FX News Call added.

The Day Herald told in a report that some analysts speculated that the issues may have been just a publicity stunt to promote Smith’s The Get Down. The musical TV series traces the origins of hip-hop culture in the 70s based in the Bronx and Smith played the role of Dizzee.

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