Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes wedding set, Tom Cruise not taking news well

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Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes marriage
Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes marriage

Since 2014, rumors about a relationship between Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes have been steadily making its rounds online. Recently though, the celebrity “couple” has become a hot topic when news of their supposed engagement and marriage was leaked by various media outlets.

Though nothing has been confirmed yet, sources are also indicating that Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes have already been planning their wedding and are hoping to have it before Christmas this year. Reports are also saying that the two Hollywood stars are planning on making the announcement about their supposed engagement soon.

Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes afraid of Tom Cruise’s reaction?

One major factor that has been keeping Holmes preoccupied though is the possible reaction of her ex Tom Cruise to the news of her engagement with Foxx. Many would know that Holmes was previously married to Cruise with the two stars producing a child, Suri, together in the span of their relationship.

“She’s afraid that he’ll be angry that Suri will have a new father figure and come crashing back into her and Suri’s lives,” shared an insider close to Holmes with Ok! Magazine.

Katie Holmes is also under a clause in her divorce with Cruise, stipulating that she may not talk about her ex and Scientology in any shameful manner, and that she must remain single until five years after their separation. Breaking any of these bring the consequence of Holmes losing $4.8 million in child support and five million dollars in spousal support.

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise separated in 2012, meaning by 2017, the actress can move on with her life and date and marry whoever she wants.

So will the rumors of Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes hold true until then?

Possibly, not, as other reports speculate that there is nothing going on between the two celebrities, stating that Holmes’ “representatives have always denied her involvement with Jamie Foxx or with any other celebrity.”

But then again, anything can change in the span of two months.

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