Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck finally back together as family?

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Photo courtesy: Erin/Flickr
Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck take weeklong vacation for Ben’s birthday

Batman actor Ben Affleck was once kicked out of a casino for counting cards at a blackjack table. Should we be counting the days when the Gone Girl star will finally be reunited with his estranged wife Jennifer Garner?

Or have they even been really separated at all?

The couple was reportedly having marital problems stemming from Ben Affleck’s drinking and gambling problems, but it rocketed after the Ben Affleck nanny (Christine Ouzounian) extramarital affair.

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Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck announced their separation last year in what seemed to be just another Hollywood couple break up. There were rumors of Ben wanting Jennifer Lopez back, and fans thought that was the end of their 10-year marriage.

Strange as it may seem, but their divorce announcement never really kicked off. In fact, it seems to have made Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck re-evaluate their love for each other.

They were reportedly undergoing marriage counseling, going out with their kids or privately together.

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Like their separation, both have never discussed their reunion openly, so fans are free to assume if they’re still processing their divorce or working out their relationship; and now we aren’t sure if they still aren’t living under the same roof.

According to a report by the Hollywood Gossip, Ben Affleck took a vacation with Jennifer Garner to celebrate his birthday.

They seem to be spending a lot of time together, which can be confusing, or it simply strengthens the theory that they are finally back together, or never really separated, or… as we’ve already said, it’s confusing.

It’s a weeklong vacation in Montana with their kids where “The family spent the week together and enjoyed outdoor activities like hiking, biking and swimming.”

Would Ben have to go back to his own place after a week of family time?

Jennifer Garner described their set-up as a “modern family” according to the IBT.

“We’re doing really well. Ben was working in London on Justice League, and I felt like, well, the kids should have that experience. And he and I are great friends and we just all went en masse,” Garner said, adding: “It has to be [about being a team]. You don’t have a choice.”

Photo courtesy: Erin/Flickr

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