Jennifer Lawrence got shot with a BB gun while she was peeing

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Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence, the star of The Hunger Games and X-Men Apocalypse, has shared some non-so-relatable stories on Friday’s Graham Norton Show. The 25-year-old Hunger Games’ star is back on business, this time, to take the role of the Nightcrawler Mystique for X-Men: Apocalypse movie.

Lawrence has been always been a good value on every chat show because the Oscar-winning actress has no problem with talking honestly and openly about her personal life. During her guesting on The Graham Norton Show, where she was joined by her co-star James McAvoy, a harmless question has been asked about the actress’ preparation for the X-Men Apocalypse movie.

That conversation has led into the blue mutant named Mystique, where she detailed everything including the difficulty of wearing a blue full-body suit.

While filming the X-Men Apocalypse, Lawrence said that she wore a blue-color full-body suit for her role as the Nightcrawler. The blue, which was made of some sort of pantyhose-like material, required her to pee standing up. This led her to use a funnel for peeing.

Lawrence wore the blue pantyhose that went around her body to mimic the blue-skinned shapeshifting mutant named Mystique. However, the mutant outfit still made it too difficult to use the bathroom, forcing Lawrence to pee standing up and use a device called “funnel” on peeing.

To make matters even more enjoyable, Lawrence’s co-star James McAvoy staged a sneak attack on the actress while she was peeing standing up. McAvoy aimed the BB gun and then took the shot at Lawrence.

During her guesting at The Graham Norton Show, Lawrence has recounted the time when McAvoy sneak into her bathroom with a BB gun while she was trying to pee in a funnel.

The 25-year-old Lawrence has earned several accolades and has been ranked as the second-most powerful actress by Forbes magazine, earning an estimated $26 million.

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Video Courtesy: The Graham Norton Show/Youtube.com

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