Jeremy Lin stars in Marvel comics! ‘Linsanity’ shares tips to Hulk on how to be a hero

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Photo courtesy: Twitter/@amnewyork

Asian-American point guard Jeremy Lin is set to invade the comic books with an appearance in one of its releases for Marvel Comics’ “Totally Awesome Hulk” series in December 2016.

It’s a perfect fit as the new Hulk is Amadeus Cho, an Asian-American like Lin, who took over the original Bruce Banner character in the Marvel Comics universe.

“I was here in New York when Linsanity happened and it never stopped for me. I followed him everywhere. I just love the guy. And at a certain point, I just found myself thinking, ‘Hey, wouldn’t it be cool if the biggest Asian-American superhero met the biggest Asian-American sports star?’” comic writer Greg Pak said to amny.com.

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Pak also shared some spoilers with the Jeremy Lin appearance in the Hulk comics released later this year.

“Our story picks up when Amadeus is kind of at a low point. He’s getting notoriety, people recognize him. He eventually ends up meeting Jeremy and the two of them team up for reasons that will be revealed soon,” Pak added.

“It’s kind of about Amadeus being used to being the best at whatever he does … and thinks he can handle anything. And Jeremy, as a great basketball player and point guard, knows a little something about teamwork, and so they’ve got kind of an interesting conflict and room for people to learn something along the way.”

Jeremy Lin has seen his struggles in previous years in the NBA before he rose to stardom with the “Linsanity” explosion with the New York Knicks. The Asian-American guard recently signed a three-year contract worth about $38 million to return to New York, playing for the Brooklyn Nets.

Lin also talked about his Marvel Comics appearance describing it as an “honor and cool” chance in appearing with one of the most popular superheroes.

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“They had me with Hulk’s hair. We’re kindred spirits. It is an honor and a cool opportunity to become part of the Amadeus Cho, ‘Totally Awesome Hulk’ storyline. Additionally, I think it’s great that Marvel is making real efforts to add diversity to its superheroes and their origin stories,” Jeremy Lin said in the same article.

Jeremy Lin is the next star for the Brooklyn Nets. With the latest crossover, he’ll also be the next star in Marvel Comics.

Photo courtesy: Twitter/@amnewyork

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