Joe Perry Health Update: Rock legend collapsed due to cardiac arrest; Alice Cooper says pal already in stable condition

Aerosmith lead guitarist Joe Perry seems to not be in the best condition when he performed with the ‘Hollywood Vampires’ after collapsing in the middle of their performance in Brooklyn on Sunday night.

An audience posted on Instagram a video of Joe Perry performing with Johnny Depp and Alice Cooper. The Rock legend sat in the speaker in the middle of their performance, decided to go backstage and collapsed.

As shown in the video, it seems like the others did not notice what happened to Joe Perry. The band continued to play until the people backstage saw him and gave immediate treatment.

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After Joe Perry collapsed, he was immediately attended by emergency medics before bringing him to the emergency room at Conley Island Hospital. According to ABC News, the 64-year-old Rock legend was transferred to Columbia Presbyterian Hospital but no further details about his condition are given.

On a Twitter post, Frontman Alice Cooper gave an update on Joe Perry’s condition saying that their bandmate is already in a stable condition. “Thanks to everyone asking about our brother Joe Perry. He is stable right now, with family and is under the best care,” Cooper tweeted after the show.

“If you notice one of our brothers is not onstage with us, he was very sick before the show’,” Cooper told the crowd, according to a Facebook user named AeroFANatic, who was at the concert.

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The Hollywood Vampires also updated the fans and thanked them for well-wishes for Perry’s speedy recovery.

Steve Tyler, Joe Perry’s bandmate in Aerosmith, seemed to be uninformed of the incident and has not given any comment yet regarding his pal’s condition. There are speculations that the collapse is due to cardiac arrest but there has been no direct confirmation regarding the real cause.

Photo courtesy: @leeniepics/Instagram

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