Johnny Depp: ‘Amber Heard is a liar,’ who’s out to score a huge payday with his wealth

Johnny Depp is hoping that the court would side with him is dismissing spouse support to his estrange wife Amber Heard, who filed for divorce and a restraining order against him.

Actor Johnny Depp is hoping that the court would side with him on dismissing spouse support to his estrange wife Amber Heard, who filed a divorce and restraining order against him. Depp stated that Heard is a liar who is out to get a hefty paycheck from his wealth.

Even Depp’s late mother, Betty Sue Palmer, has always despised Heard and according to TMZ Palmer often told friends she thought Amber was using Depp for his money and fame, and to boost her own career. Palmer moved to her son’s compound early this year and had always been against Heard being married to his son. It would be recalled that three days after Palmer died, Heard filed a divorce citing irreconcilable differences.

Depp and Heard have married February of last year and sources stated that there was no prenuptial agreement between the two still Heard is asking for spouse support, which Depp is contesting through his lawyer, Laura Wasser. Aside from filing a divorce, Heard filed and was granted a restraining order against Depp for emotional and physical abuse to which Depp’s ex-wife vehemently denied and came into this defense.

Heard filed the restraining order after the May 21 incident wherein, she told the court that Depp allegedly attacked her even to the point of using her phone to smack her in the face. She brought with her pictures to back up her claims and narrated that when the police came to their house, Depp managed to flee the scene. However, the disturbing part was when the police asked for her statement so that they could arrest Depp to which Heard declined and instead told the police that she would call them if she changed her mind.

Now, Heard is in the heat of things as she did not tell the police who responded on the night of the “attack” that Depp used her iPhone to smash her face and simply stated that she had an argument with her “husband.” Insinuating inconsistencies with her story as she often described Depp as “my husband,” making her case unacceptable in court. It was also reported that she has never filed a police report, sensing that she might be prosecuted for a felony for making a phony police report.

During their day in court, the judge granted her restraining order request, but rejected her request for spouse support and rejected the idea of submitting Depp to an anger management class as the judge found insufficient evidence to back up the requests.

Depp did not appear in court as he is busy promoting his latest movie “Alice in Wonderland through the Looking Glass,” and busy touring Germany with his band, the “Hollywood Vampires.”

Photo Courtesy: Angela George/Wikimedia

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