Kanye West claims he’s Stephen Curry, Michael Jordan of his generation; Twitter reacts, criticizes artist

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Kanye West (Photo courtesy: David Shankbone/Wikimedia Commons)

The controversial Kanye West was on a Twitter rant lately and one of his posts include his own comparison to all-time great Michael Jordan and one of the best players in the NBA today in Stephen Curry.


Kanye West, who is known for his brash attitude and tall claims, was expectedly burned by some Twitter followers for his latest pronouncements and made their opinions known as well.

A few users corrected West and said that LeBron James or Kobe Bryant was the best player in their generation and not Curry.

“2015 was [Kanye West] first year watching basketball, he just confirmed it,” another Twitter follower said about West’s alleged lack of basketball knowledge.

“You aren’t even the Scottie Pippen of this generation. Closer to the Dennis Rodman. Throw [in] a wedding dress,” another user stated. Similarly another Twitter user said that West was more of “Stephon Marbury and J.R. Smith” rather than Jordan and Curry as West claimed.

Another fan admitted he is turned off by West’s recent behavior.

“Yeah, he’s so whiny and entitled now, I liked him when he was simply an [expletive],” the fan posted.

The 28-year-old Kanye West is a popular rapper/singer and also a record producer and entrepreneur. The American recently released his latest album, “The Life of Pablo” which included a song which he allegedly dissed fellow artist Taylor Swift.

Photo courtesy: David Shankbone/Wikimedia Commons

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