Kanye West may go broke, worries Deion Sanders

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American Football icon Deion Sanders believes famous rapper Kanye West’s bizarre Twitter rants are worrying. Kanye West wrote an unusual message to his fans on Sunday, February 13.


“It’s not only weird, that’s why I am concerned. When you have friends or a family member that’s issuing these types of statements you gotta be concerned.” Sanders said, as reported by TMZ.

The “Prime Time” said that he would love to help considering that something is seriously wrong with Kanye West.

Sanders is a fan of the rapper and loves him. He has always been an admirer of the work Kanye West has done and doesn’t want to see him follow the path of hip-hop star MC Hammer. Hammer made a fortune in music but sadly went broke thereafter.

Kanye West also went on to appeal to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg regarding his debt.

“Mark Zuckerberg invest 1 billion dollars into Kanye West ideas.” West stated on his Twitter account.

Kanye later explained that the money he was seeking wasn’t only for him. He wanted to help the world as he cares about humanity.

It’s clear from Kanye West’s statements that the rapper is going through money troubles. However, it’s his nature of going vocal on twitter and asking help from other business tycoons is making Sander’s worry.

The history of music has seen many artists rise to the top and then fumble because of money issues.

Kim Kardashian’s husband surely won’t like to follow the path of the ones before him who has faltered after reaching stardom.

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