Kanye West ‘planning to run for president’ in 2020 ‘as democrat’ says Kim Kardashian; Jamie Foxx thinks rapper could win

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Kanye West for president in 2020
Kanye West for president in 2020

Exactly a year ago, Kanye West gave clear indications that he was running for president in 2020 and it looks like the rapper is still on his way to making plans come true. So what does his wife Kim Kardashian think about it?

For one, she’s worried about the possible scandals that will be linked to her.

“Look at all the awful things they’re doing to Melania [Trump], putting up the naked photos,” Kardashian said in an interview. “I’ll say to Kanye: ‘Babe, you know the kind of photos they’d put up of me!’”

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But West, seems to be bent on running regardless of any scandals. The celebrity designer, who has been the subject of many controversies seems to have been able to handle these situations and come out unscathed in his own Kanye way.

Recalling his comments at the 2015 VMAs, West always thought of himself as the messiah who would be the one to jump “in front of a bullet for someone else.” And went on to say how he does not have much time to prepare for his possible stint in politics.

“Wow, I’ve got five years before I go and run for office and I’ve got a lot of research to do,” west said during the VMAs. “I’ve got a lot of growing up to do.”

Kanye West to run as democrat?

Although Kim Kardashian still doubts if her husband will still push through with his plans saying, “I don’t know how serious he is about it.” Although she seems to have an idea which party West will join in case he does run.

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“I don’t wanna put words in his mouth, but I’m pretty sure the Democrats,” Kardashian told Wonderland magazine. “Maybe independent? I don’t know how serious he is about it. We’ll see…”

Jamie Foxx things Kanye West may have shot at presidency

Meanwhile, another celebrity shared his thoughts on the elections and the idea of West running for president. As Jamie Foxx shared with TMZ, “When Kanye say 2020, he really could f**king have a shot because… Wow.”

President Kanye West in 2020? Wow indeed.

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