Kenneth Bone and red sweatshirt now bigger than Kim Kardashian, GQ wrote a feature story about him

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Hillary Donald 2016 America be carfull what you wish for.

Kenneth ‘Ken’ Bone simply came to the town hall meeting that day and asked a simple question. He did not plan to be an Internet sensation nor make it to the headlines. All thanks to his red sweater, he is now bigger than Kim Kardashian as he and his red sweater become the most talked about subject on social media and the Internet. GQ even wrote a feature story about him.

Memes featuring Ken Bone and his red sweater are now making the rounds in almost all social media networking sites as people had a field day talking about him. And to prove how big he is, all you need is type his name in Google and you will see how he floods the headline wearing it proudly.

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GQ wrote a feature story about him and urge people where they can buy the red sweater. And with Halloween just around the corner, there are also those promoting it as the perfect Halloween costume complete with mustache, glasses, and microphone.

In Twitter, he and the red sweatshirt has become the most used hashtag of the day that if someone wants to be seen, all they have to do is use it. Even celebrities are tweeting about him.

Bone has also landed an interview with CNN and he is taking everything good-naturedly proving how great his sense of humor is. When asked by the news anchor about his red sweatshirt, he gamely answered her and even went on saying that his red sweatshirt was just a Plan B.

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“I had a really nice olive suit that I love a great deal,” he began, “But I gained about 30 pounds and when I got into my car the morning of the debate, I split the seat of my pants all the way open. And so the red sweater is Plan B. I’m glad it worked out,” he gamely said.

Judging by the way he answered the question gamely, Bone sure knows how to work the media and use his newfound fame to his advantage. After answering the question, the news anchor was laughing at his short anecdote and said that he is “refreshingly honest.”

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