Killer Clowns 2016: Is ‘The Purge’ really going to happen in real life

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Killer clown sightings have been one of the news to dominate the Web this year. There are reports that they have been seen in various locations around the nation, especially among campuses. However, all those news and rumors were taken with a grain of salt dismissing them as an urban legend that will not go away.

However, with the Halloween fast approaching, a new story has been doing the rounds saying that ‘The Purge’ is really going to happen and it will be done by an army of killer clowns.

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The rumor, although unfounded, has caused a lot of panic from many people already. Upon investigation, it has been found out that the new killer clown scare came from a Facebook page by Clown Hunters which issued a warning saying that the “clowns are allegedly planning their own purge the night before Halloween.”

It also advised people to stay locked inside their homes during the said date.

Based on the Facebook status, it seemed like the killer clowns are not just targeting people but animals as well advising pet owners to make sure their pets are safe inside the house as well.

The status on Facebook, however, has been taken down after it has gained media attention. Despite that, it still didn’t stop other people from getting scared because there are still a lot of people posting on social media sites, like Twitter, with a warning about the incoming killer clown purge.

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Meanwhile, the police are taking some extra precautions whether the reports are either true or not. They issued an advice to the public to be vigilant and report any suspicious activities, even if they are not related to the killer clown purge issue.

The retail store, Target, is also joining the police from keeping the killer clown scare down by taking from there shelves all clown costumes. Even McDonald’s has reportedly refrained their brand mascot to have public appearances in order to appease any public fear for clowns.

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